Noteworthy News

Study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun
Imagine a smog-free Los Angeles, where electric cars ply silent freeways, solar panels blanket rooftops and power plants run on heat from beneath the earth, from howling winds and from the blazing desert sun.
What Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming?
‘In Sichuan, we’re eaters,” said Chen Zemin, the world’s first and only frozen-dumpling billionaire. 
Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack
So much soot belched from the old power plant here that Mike Zeleny would personally warn the neighbors.
Why Food You've Salvaged Should Be a Growing Part of Your Diet
The woman on the phone gave me directions to a house in a residential neighborhood. 
2014 off to hottest start on record for California
The sun was so strong this year in Joe Del Bosque's cantaloupe fields that some of the melons could have used sunscreen.
The World Just Had Its Hottest June On Record
The globe is on a hot streak, setting a heat record in June. That's after the world broke a record in May.
Santa Monica Responds to Statewide Emergency Water Conservation Regulations
As the drought worsens, the City of Santa Monica is urging its water customers, workers and visitors to step up their water conservation efforts in response to the statewide emergency water conservation regulations adopted yesterday by the State Water Resources Control Board.
Why the modern bathroom is a wasteful, unhealthy design
For centuries, the people of London and other big cities got their cooking and washing water from rivers or wells, limiting their consumption to pretty much what they could carry. 
California approves big fines for wasting water during drought
Cities throughout California will have to impose mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering under an emergency state rule approved Tuesday.
Organic foods are more nutritious, according to review of 343 studies
Most everyone who has ever selected their fruits and vegetables from the "organic" section while grocery shopping probably thought they were doing something good for their bodies and the environment.