Noteworthy News

Why the modern bathroom is a wasteful, unhealthy design
For centuries, the people of London and other big cities got their cooking and washing water from rivers or wells, limiting their consumption to pretty much what they could carry. 
California approves big fines for wasting water during drought
Cities throughout California will have to impose mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering under an emergency state rule approved Tuesday.
Organic foods are more nutritious, according to review of 343 studies
Most everyone who has ever selected their fruits and vegetables from the "organic" section while grocery shopping probably thought they were doing something good for their bodies and the environment.
Taking Oil Industry Cue, Environmentalists Drew Emissions Blueprint
In November 2010, three combatants gathered in a sleek office here to build a carbon emissions policy that they hoped to sell to the Obama administration.
Californians Keep Up With Joneses’ Water Use
For all the doomsday proclamations about the historic drought that has this state in a chokehold, here is what Californians have done to save water: not much.
The Disaster We’ve Wrought on the World’s Oceans May Be Irrevocable
In the great halls of La Boqueria, Barcelona’s central market, tourists, foodies and cooks gather every day to marvel at the fresh food, like pilgrims at the site of a miracle. The chief shrines are the fish counters, where thousands of sea creatures making up dozens of species gleam pink and gray on mounds of ice. 
L.A. councilman to propose measure to slash greenhouse gas emissions
A Los Angeles city councilman wants the city to set a new "life and death" goal for slashing greenhouse gas emissions, warning of dire consequences if government and business leaders drag their feet.
Solar Panel Acreage Needed to Power the Entire Planet: 158 mi x 158 mi
The three squares on the map, below, represent how much solar panel acreage would be needed to power Germany (marked "D"), Europe (marked "EU"), and the entire planet (marked "Welt"):
Vegetarianism Cuts Your Dietary Carbon Footprint A Ridiculous Amount, Study Finds
As the economic, political and personal costs of doing nothing to mitigate climate change skyrocket, there's one lifestyle change that slashes dietary greenhouse gas emissions in half: Veganism.
Crowdfunding campaign raises $2.2M to build solar roadways
It's crazy. It'll never work. They cost too much. They'll crack. They're too delicate. You'll slide off them. Oil companies will never let it happen.