Noteworthy News

Take A Deep Breath And Read About How Bad LA Smog Really Is
Gross black dust on your windowsill. Sickly yellow haze that obscures the mountains. Childhood memories of recess cancelled due to smog alerts.
Climate change could make this year the worst yet for valley fever
Rob Purdie is an upbeat guy. You can hear it in his unfailingly positive statements, his voice tinged with a Central Valley twang from a life spent in Bakersfield.
Can any new Tesla chairman stand up to Elon Musk?
In a deal struck Saturday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to settle fraud charges, Tesla Inc. agreed to bring in two new independent directors to its nine-member board and name an independent chairman to replace Elon Musk. Musk keeps a seat on the board and remains the company’s chief executive.
Trump’s NAFTA Revision Ignores Climate Change, Bolsters Oil And Gas Industries
President Donald Trump’s deal to tweak the trade agreement among the United States, Mexico and Canada won early praise for changes meant to raise wages and improve safety regulations on cross-border trucking.
Mercury Can Cause Brain Damage In Kids. The EPA Wants To Weaken Rules On Its Emissions.
The Trump administration is taking steps to significantly weaken a major Obama-era regulation that curbs the amount of mercury that power plants are allowed to emit, according to multiple reports.
California high-speed rail: A train to nowhere without a conductor
 Everything was looking good Wednesday night at the High-Speed Rail Authority’s big meeting in Pacoima.
Destroying Unsold Clothes Is Fashion’s Dirty Secret. And We’re Complicit.
You get the sense that luxury fashion label Burberry very much regrets its decision to burn $38 million of unsold stock rather than let it fall into the wrong hands.
Elon Musk gets off the ropes with SEC settlement, but Tesla still has a bruising fight ahead
It looked like it was curtains for Elon Musk.
FIT Panelists Suggest Fighting Fast Fashion in the Name of Sustainability
The impact of fast fashion on sustainability was one of the takeaways Thursday morning at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Gas prices in Southern California are rising toward $4 a gallon
Gasoline prices are climbing toward $4 a gallon in Southern California, boosted in large part by a rise in worldwide crude oil prices.