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Wildfires Reflect a National Crisis on Climate Change
The California assemblyman Jim Wood spent most of the past week in the Sacramento morgue, analyzing the charred remains of human teeth.
Federal Climate Report Predicts At Least 3 Degrees Of Warming By 2100
The United States already warmed on average 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century and will warm at least 3 more degrees by 2100 unless fossil fuel use is dramatically curtailed, scientists from more than a dozen federal agencies concluded in their latest in-depth assessment.
White House Lashed For ‘Burying’ Bombshell Climate Report With Holiday Release
Critics are slamming the Trump administration’s cunning timing for releasing a devastating federal report exposing the appalling consequences of continued climate change.
Climate change will harm the entire nation if the U.S. doesn’t act now, federal report warns
Climate change is taking an increasing toll on the nation’s environment, health and economy, and the damage will intensify over the century without swift action to slash greenhouse gas emissions, according to a major scientific report released Friday by federal agencies.
The landscape of the U.S. could be part of its climate solution
This year, as storms have battered the East and fires have engulfed the West, the specter of climate change has grown impossible to ignore. Keeping it at bay will require swift and sweeping action to transition away from fossil fuels, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reminded the world last month in a
Trump administration’s own analyses indicate many of its new regulations will hurt vulnerable Americans
President Trump’s push to roll back federal regulations will take a significant toll on Americans’ health and finances, according to a surprising source — the Trump administration itself.
Is California going the way of Germany when it comes to energy?
One place possesses the fourth-largest economy in the world. Another is home to the fifth-largest.
Metro’s $2-billion rail line from Mid-City to the South Bay will miss its 2019 deadline
A $2-billion light-rail line that will add a key north-south connection to Los Angeles County’s growing transit network is facing several construction problems and will not open next year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.
‘Insane’ California Air Topped World Health Standard by 60 Times
California’s air exceeded world health standards by 60 times last week, and conditions on Monday continued to top safe thresholds with the deadliest blaze ever in the state is about 65 percent contained.
How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet
Thirty years ago, this magazine published “The End of Nature,” a long article about what we then called the greenhouse effect. I was in my twenties when I wrote it, and out on an intellectual limb: climate science was still young.