Noteworthy News

California wants more electric cars. The Trump administration doesn't. Automakers are in the hot seat
An intensifying clash between California and Washington over getting cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road has put auto companies in a bind as they contemplate what cars they should be rolling onto showroom floors.
Trump Says He ‘Really Didn’t Care’ About Drilling Arctic Refuge. Then A Friend Called.
 President Donald Trump said Thursday that he had little interest in opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling until a friend “who’s in that world and in that business” called and told him Republicans have been trying to do so for decades.
Southern Californians are on a car-buying spree, and that's cutting deeply into transit ridership, study says
The vast majority of public transit agencies across Southern California, from modest municipal carriers to the West Coast's largest bus system, have watched their ridership numbers fall off a cliff over the last five years.
Beyond Meat expands to new El Segundo lab, where it hopes to concoct plant-based bacon and steak
"Slightly better Tofurkey." The appraisal of Beyond Meat by an influential technologist hangs on the wall of company founder and Chief Executive Ethan Brown's office like a motivational taunt.
Utility customers win $775 million back from San Onofre deal criticized as lopsided against them
Plant owners and consumer attorneys have struck a bargain in the long-running dispute over who pays for the failure of the San Onofre nuclear plant.
Malibu homeless encampment sparks fears after brush fire threatens homes
For months, Lara Vidaurri has noticed a growing number of people cooking with portable stoves and over open flames at a homeless camp a few hundred yards below her Malibu home.
How Long Beach is Trying to Cool Down
In a coastal city, it’s easy to assume the greatest climate threat comes from the rising ocean. But in Long Beach, California, the biggest danger is not the sea, but the sun.
Trump Boasts The Ice Caps Are ‘Setting Records.’ But It’s For Melting.
President Donald Trump seemed to be in a fog about the facts of climate change during his British TV sit-down with Piers Morgan, which aired Sunday night.
California will put 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030, Gov. Jerry Brown says
California Gov. Jerry Brown wants to put 5 million electric cars on the state’s roads by 2030.
California faces a cascade of catastrophes as sea level rises
The first thing to go will be California's calling card: its beaches.