Noteworthy News

Ocean Temps Rising Faster Than Scientists Thought: Report
Ocean temperatures are rising faster than scientists previously concluded, according to an alarming report released Thursday.
EPA backs down from plan that could have allowed youth farmworkers to handle pesticides
The Environmental Protection Agency has abandoned plans to roll back a set of protections for farmworkers, including a proposal to ease Obama-era regulations requiring anyone working with dangerous pesticides to be at least 18 years old.
California set a goal of 100% clean energy, and now other states may follow its lead
It’s been less than four months since California committed to getting all of its electricity from climate-friendly sources by 2045. But the idea is already catching on in other states.
Suspect shipyard contractor gets huge state deal for Camp Fire cleanup
The state agency in charge of wildfire cleanup has awarded a contract worth as much as $250 million to the company at the center of San Francisco’s Superfund scandal — an environmental engineering firm that was caught falsifying soil tests and is being sued by the U.S. Justice Department, whistle-blowers and homeowners.
With 86% Drop, California’s Monarch Butterfly Population Hits Record Low
They arrive in California each winter, an undulating ribbon of orange and black. There, migrating western monarch butterflies nestle among the state’s coastal forests, traveling from as far away as Idaho and Utah only to return home in the spring.
Trump Orders FEMA To Cut Off Aid For California Wildfire Recovery
President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cut off wildfire relief aid for fire-scorched California until state officials “get their act together” and do a better job of managing forests.
The most exciting corporate sustainability moves of 2018
In times of political inaction at the national level in the U.S., people anxious for positive news have been looking to businesses and the corporate sector to step up.
Will Gavin Newsom change the state’s water course? Fish and farmers will soon find out
In the final weeks of Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration, his appointees on a state board ordered some powerful water districts to cut their historic river diversions to protect endangered salmon populations.
L.A.’s trees are more essential than ever. The city needs to start treating them that way
While bird lovers, environmentalists and poets have long put a high value on trees, the hard-nosed number crunchers in government have not. Trees have often been treated as merely aesthetic enhancements. Nice, but not essential. That’s one reason why tree maintenance is among the first government services cut during a
Remember That $20 Million Ocean Cleanup Project? It Isn’t Working.
Organizers for The Ocean Cleanup, which launched the project in September, already had their work cut out for them—the floating garbage patch is made up of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, which has coalesced into a field of debris twice the size of Texas, weighing in at 88,000 tons (that’s the equivalent of