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Sustainable Fashion Brands Explain That Yes, They Can Be Profitable
The fashion industry is, hands-down, one of the most wasteful industries in the world. And while the demand for sustainable and ethical fashion is continually growing, wasteful fast-fashion brands are still dominating the market.
Europe Is Making Moves To Ditch Dirty Cars. Trump Wants More Of Them.
Paris is a city with a vision: The end of the automobile age. Dependence on gas- and diesel-powered vehicles has come at a huge cost to Parisians’ health and the environment in the metropolis of 12 million people.
Leaking pipe spills crude oil at Torrance Refinery
Nearly 1,900 gallons of crude oil leaked from a ruptured pipe over the weekend at the Torrance Refinery, though none of it left the site, fire department officials said Monday, Oct. 8. The leak of 44 barrels of oil was discovered about 9:30 a.m. Saturday, said Assistant Fire Chief Steve Treskes, who was also the platoon
'Incredibly grim' prognosis on global warming also carries clarion call for global action
A major new report on global warming makes a chilling prediction: Without swift and sweeping worldwide intervention, some devastating effects of climate change will hit harder — and decades sooner — than previously expected.
Australian government backs coal in defiance of IPCC climate warning
The Australian government has rejected the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report’s call to phase out coal power by 2050, claiming renewable energy cannot replace baseload coal power.
‘Sobering’ New UN Report Challenges Republican Climate Hawks’ Free-Market Dogma
A landmark new United Nations report warning of catastrophic global warming doesn’t seem to have shaken many Republican climate hawks’ faith that market tweaks alone can deliver the unprecedented emissions cuts needed to avert disaster.
Nobel in economics goes to two Americans for studying climate change and sustainable growth
Just a day after a United Nations panel called for urgent action on climate change, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded Monday to one American researcher for his work on the economics of a warming planet and to another whose study of innovation raises hopes that people can do something about it.
Huh? Carbon Dioxide Emissions Raise Risk of Satellite Collisions
In February 2009, two space satellites orbiting at speeds of almost 17,000 mph collided at a height of 482 miles over Siberia.
The Ghosts of the Glacier
What happens when climate changes quickly in a previously frozen place, when the earth heats up and the mountains melt? In the high Swiss Alps, here's what happens: The ice gives up the bodies—and the secrets—of the past.
Garcetti urges voters to reject Proposition 6, which would repeal California's new gas tax
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined business and labor leaders Wednesday to urge voters to reject Proposition 6, saying a repeal of the state’s new gas tax could force years-long delays for dozens of transportation projects across Southern California.