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An Incurable Disease Is On The Rise In California, And Scientists Say Climate Change Could Cause It To Spread To Much Of The Wes
For days Alyssa Gonzalez was bedridden with a fever, a sore throat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, and a rash all over her body.
Initiative to repeal gas tax hike sparks debate over how transportation funds are spent in California
In urging California voters to repeal new fuel taxes, Republicans say the state already had enough money to repair roads but squandered it by diverting it to other state programs. Legislative leaders deny that money from motorists has been misused. They say the law prohibits non-transportation projects from getting any of
A carbon tax is a good idea — so long as it doesn't come with industry handouts
Exxon Mobil made a bit of a splash Tuesday when it announced a $1-million, two-year donation to the Republican-led Americans for Carbon Dividends, an organization pushing for a national tax to help curtail emissions of atmosphere-warming carbon.
Time to hit the pause button on high-speed rail, some California leaders say
Jerry Brown did not invent the idea of a high-speed rail system to connect Northern and Southern California.
Supreme Court lets stand California ruling holding lead paint makers liable for $400-million cleanup cost
The Supreme Court on Monday dealt a defeat to business groups in a closely watched California case, rejecting appeals of a ruling that requires former makers of lead paint to pay $400 million or more to clean up old homes.
California Braces For Wildfires With Forced Power Outages
Tens of thousands of Californians have been going without power since Sunday as part of a utility company’s new effort to lower wildfire risk during windy, hot and dry conditions.
Marco Rubio Says He Won’t ‘Destroy Our Economy’ For Climate Change
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) acknowledged Sunday that the planet is heating up, but he stopped short of saying that global warming is caused by man.
As states near deal on Colorado River shortage, California looks at water cuts of as much as 8%
After years of stop-and-go talks, California and two other states that take water from the lower Colorado River are nearing an agreement on how to share delivery cuts if a formal shortage is declared on the drought-plagued waterway.
Tesla drops to third-worst in Consumer Reports reliability rankings
Tesla dropped six spots to rank near the bottom of Consumer Reports’ new-car reliability list. The California electric-car maker came in third-worst in reliability among 29 auto brands. Only Cadillac and Volvo ranked lower.
A Dire U.N. Report Warns Of Ruinous Global Warming. Republicans Say It’s ‘Fantasy.’
WASHINGTON ― The Republican response to an alarming new United Nations report on looming catastrophes caused by global warming suggests that little, if anything, will be done by the U.S. in the near future to address the threat of rising oceans, worsening droughts and raging wildfires.