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Why you can't buy the 'bloody,' meatless Impossible Burger in supermarkets
The famous “bloody,” plant-based Impossible Burger is now available at almost 5,000 restaurants in all 50 states. But that very appearance of bloodiness may have presented another regulatory hurdle for the company and its effort to get the product into supermarkets.
My kingdom for a charging station: one electric-vehicle driver’s frustrating search
It seemed like a simple plan. Halfway through a week of test-driving the new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, and intending to drive the following day to Palm Springs, I decided to find a charging station to bring the car’s battery up to full capacity.
Renewable-energy project at Glendale landfill will get further environmental review
A proposed renewable-energy plant at the Scholl Canyon Landfill in Glendale will be getting a more thorough review to assuage fears expressed by some residents who think the project poses health and environmental hazards.
Japan to resume commercial whaling, but not in Antarctic
Japan announced Wednesday that it is leaving the International Whaling Commission to resume commercial hunts for the animals for the first time in 30 years, but said it would no longer go to the Antarctic for its much-criticized annual killings.
Sierra Nevada snowpack on track to shrink up to 79% by the end of the century, new study finds
The snow season, which started this month, is off to a good start.
Big polluters get help from the state, renewing doubts about California’s climate goals
State authorities this week delivered on a controversial deal struck last year that handed oil companies and other major polluters a multimillion-dollar windfall.
Starting in 2020, all new homes in California must come with solar panels. Builders are getting ready
When Irvine-based City Ventures started sticking solar panels on all of its homes six years ago, the builder emerged as a front-runner in the race toward energy-efficient home building. Soon it will be joined on the track by every developer in California.
Let's hold the 2020 presidential candidates accountable on climate change
The idea that we’re about to enter into 23 consecutive months of presidential campaigning is almost literally unbearable. And not just because it means endless dumb takes on Beto vs. Bernie vs. Biden. It’s unbearable because we need the time for other things.
Congress passes farm bill, stripped of conservative priorities
Congress on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a five-year farm bill after removing conservative priorities that had stalled negotiations, including stricter work requirements for people receiving food benefits and a provision allowing more tree-cutting in federal forests as President Trump proposed in the wake of
Lured by the promise of a restaurant job paying $1,000 a month, Yeni Dewi travelled to the United States on a tourist visa in 2013. Once here, she was forced to work as domestic help at a house in Sherman Oaks.