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California wants to reform PG&E, but just how is uncertain
The easiest step, said UC Berkeley energy economist Severin Borenstein, is “probably the thing that most people would be unhappy about”: reorganizing the company with a new management team and board and “just letting them continue on.” Several PG&E executives, including the previous CEO, recently departed the company,
Sick marine mammals turning up on California beaches in droves
The deep blue waters and crashing waves along the coast of California provide a picturesque backdrop to the state’s shores, but the sight has been marred of late.
As pigs await slaughter at Farmer John, strangers offer water, love and comfort to the doomed
Maya Benperlas stood in the middle of busy Vernon Avenue on a chilly Sunday night as a big rig hauling pigs slowed to a halt just outside the gates of Farmer John.
A massive aquifer lies beneath the Mojave Desert. Could it help solve California’s water problem?
The landscape here is more Martian than Earthly, rust and tan plains that rise in the distance to form the Old Woman Mountains to the east and the Bristols and Marbles to the north and west.
Turf’s up (if you’re looking for some juicy rebates!)
Yes, we know your lawn is gorgeous now, lush, glistening in the peekaboo sun and greener than it’s ever been, thanks to our flood of winter rains.
Trump's California Water Order Rushes Science and Cuts Out Public, Emails Show
The Trump Administration has ordered federal biologists to speed up critical decisions about whether to send more water from Northern California to farmers in the Central Valley, a move that critics say threatens the integrity of the science and cuts the public out of the process.
Here’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin de León are teaming up on climate change
Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is joining forces with an influential Democrat to tackle one of California’s biggest problems: pollution from cars and trucks.
Mexico says only 22 vaquita porpoises remain
Experts said Wednesday that only 22 vaquitas remain in the Gulf of California, where a grim, increasingly violent battle is playing out between emboldened fishermen and the last line of defense for the smallest and most endangered porpoise in the world.
Post-Hurricane Harvey, NASA tried to fly a pollution-spotting plane over Houston. The EPA said no
In the weeks after Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic sweep through the Houston area — which resulted in chemical spills, fires, flooded storage tanks and damaged industrial plants — rescue crews and residents complained of burning throats, nausea and dizziness.
California should stop thinking about more dams. The state is brimming with them
Think California should build a lot more dams to catch these deluges? Forget it.