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Jerry Brown Made Climate Change His Issue. Now, He’s Not Sure How Much Politicians Can Do.
SAN FRANCISCO — It was a big act, one of the last in the final days of a long political career, and it was about one of his life’s passions: safeguarding the environment.
The Saudi wealth fund bought Tesla stock. Now it's investing in Lucid, a Tesla competitor
Lucid Motors, the Bay Area electric car start-up, has been struggling to raise money for more than a year. Now it appears to have found some: more than a billion dollars from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. If the deal announced Monday closes as Lucid expects, the company said it will have enough cash to finish
As Trump retreats, businesses assume new prominence in fighting climate change
In the fight against climate change, government and industry have traditionally been adversaries, as regulators try to force polluters to take costly steps to cut planet-warming emissions.
By announcing California's first satellite launch, Gov. Jerry Brown ends climate summit with a cosmic boom
When Gov. Jerry Brown said California should launch its own satellite in the 1970s, the plan was considered so far-fetched that critics dubbed him Gov. Moonbeam.
In 27 cities, emissions are declining and economies are growing
Climate scientists warn that global emissions need to peak by 2020 if the planet is to dodge catastrophic warming. At the summit Thursday, 27 cities announced they have already met that goal, and their emissions are on the decline even as their economies are growing.
Climate summit protesters insist Gov. Jerry Brown hasn't been tough enough on the oil industry
While delegates to Thursday’s events at the Global Climate Action Summit praised the leadership of Gov. Jerry Brown, a raucous crowd outside the San Francisco venue had sharp criticism for the state’s chief executive.
California’s Record on Climate Change Is a Stark Rebuttal to Trump
It’s just a coincidence that as another hurricane turbocharged by unusually warm waters slams into the East Coast, California Governor Jerry Brown is convening a global summit on fighting climate change on the West Coast. But it’s still revealing.
Cities, states and businesses want to cancel out Trump's climate rollbacks. But how much pollution can they actually cut?
Two years ago, California and the federal government were close partners in the battle against climate change.
Even without the Trump administration, the U.S. is upholding its commitment to the Paris climate agreement
Rampant wildfires in the West, record high temperatures in the Arctic Circle, severe hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific: Unless we reduce greenhouse gases now, these kinds of destructive “natural” disasters will only get worse.
Jerry Brown may not be the ultimate climate crusader, but he's a lot closer than most politicians
Gov. Jerry Brown is unquestionably one of America’s most outspoken climate warriors. Yet in his own state, activists protest that he’s an overrated slacker. That’s quintessential left-coast California.