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Environmental and consumer groups call for L.A. to replace its DWP watchdog
Environmental and consumer groups urged the city Wednesday to pick a new watchdog to monitor the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, arguing that Fred Pickel had failed to fight for the interests of local ratepayers.
12 businesses achieve Sustainable Certification
The City of Culver City kicked off its new Sustainable Business Certification Program (Certification Program) this month, which was developed under guidelines established by the California Green Business Network (CAGBN). Implementation of the Certification Program is Culver City’s next bold step toward attaining its
Salvation Army Opens Its First Nonprofit Grocery Store To Combat Food Deserts
The Salvation Army is adding healthy grocery shopping to its list of charitable endeavors.
Tesla's plan in Santa Monica: a drive-in restaurant with electric-car charging stations
Tesla Inc.'s Elon Musk recently mused about creating "an old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant" in the Los Angeles area where people could eat while charging their electric cars.
Microplastic Contamination Is Found in Most Bottled Water, a New Study Says
Drinking from a plastic water bottle likely means ingesting microplastic particles, a new study claims, prompting fresh concerns — and calls for scientific research — on the possible health implications of widespread plastics pollution.
Malibu bans restaurants from giving out plastic straws, stirrers and utensils
During every visit to the beach, Sheila Morovati, her husband and their two kids each pick up at least 10 pieces of trash. Almost always, every item is made of plastic: straws, bottle caps, lids, forks.
North Pole surges above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientists
The sun won’t rise at the North Pole until March 20, and it’s normally close to the coldest time of year, but an extraordinary and possibly historic thaw swelled over the tip of the planet this weekend. Analyses show that the temperature warmed to the melting point as an enormous storm pumped an intense pulse of heat
2 years after the gas leak above Porter Ranch, here’s what’s changed — and what hasn’t
Thousands fled their homes after a massive gas leak sprung at the Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, ultimately spewing more than 100,000 metric tons of climate-altering methane into the atmosphere.
Is Southern California's 'dockless' electric scooter fad a public safety hazard?
As Southern California continues to embrace ‘dockless’ bike sharing, a new player in the app-based mobility market has picked up considerable momentum — electric scooters.
EPA chief's clean-water rollback shaped by secrecy, luxury travel and handpicked audiences
As Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt jetted around the country last year, regularly flying first or business class at hefty taxpayer expense, his stated mission was often a noble one: to hear from Americans about how Washington could most effectively and fairly enforce the Clean Water Act.