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Eskilstuna: how a Swedish town became the world capital of recycling
‘People talk about Eskilstuna as the place where nothing new is invented,” says the shopping mall manager Anna Bergström. An hour’s train ride from Stockholm, the “Sheffield of Sweden” has had something of an image problem in recent years. Once a steel-producing powerhouse, the town has fallen on hard times, thanks to the
Asian countries take a stand against the rich world’s plastic waste
When the MV Bavaria cargo ship chugged out of a Philippine port one morning last month carrying 69 containers of rotted Canadian garbage, it didn’t just end a messy diplomatic spat between the two countries.
New York State Reaches Landmark Deal On Green New Deal-Style Climate Bill
New York lawmakers reached a deal late Sunday night to pass one of the most ambitious climate bills in the nation, setting the Empire State on a course to shape what the Green New Deal could look like at a state level.
Questions remain on chemical spill incident that killed man near Los Banos
Questions remain about the circumstances surrounding a hazardous materials spill reported Thursday outside of Los Banos — an incident that left one man dead and injured at least one other person.
Jay Inslee’s 2020 plan: Become president, save the planet
The heap of ashes behind Jay Inslee used to be an acute-care center in Paradise, Calif.
Farm-ageddon: Tariff-Slammed Farmers Now Battling Climate Change Flood Hell
Panicked farmers throughout the Midwest are facing the increasing probability that vast tracts of fields will remain unplanted or crops will fail this year as much of their land remains under water or too sodden for farm equipment and plants.
Dr. Seuss ‘Lorax’ tree falls in San Diego park; it had appeared healthy, from leaf to bark
“I speak for the trees,” Dr. Seuss’ Lorax cried, to the tree-chopping Once-ler’s immense surprise.
Saving the Planet With Electric Cars Means Strangling This Desert
The oases that once interrupted the dusty slopes of the Atacama desert in northern Chile allowed humans and animals to survive for thousands of years in the world’s driest climate. That was before the mining started.
UK Unveils Plan To Become First G7 Country To Go Net Zero By 2050: ’Now Is The Time’
The United Kingdom could become the first major economy in the world to legally require itself to emit net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to a new plan unveiled Tuesday.
Here's one way to keep plastic out of the ocean ... turn it into a lifeguard tower
The lifeguard tower being built Saturday on Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach is not just another oceanfront lookout.