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California’s fishing industry is drying up. We need to think big on climate change
When I was ten, I taught myself how to fish in California’s redwood-lined Russian River, once a world-renowned wild steelhead rainbow trout sport fishery. Today, as a veteran trout and salmon sport angler I see how climate change threatens our wild trout and salmon populations and our outdoor traditions.
By going vegan, America could feed an additional 390 million people, study suggests
More than 41 million Americans find themselves at risk of going hungry at some point during the year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says.
Loosely regulated market for biofuel credits spurs speculators and swindlers
Andre Bernard made a killing selling a mirage. As oil refineries struggled to comply with federal mandates for blending renewable fuels into the nation's gasoline and diesel supply, Bernard offered a solution: millions of dollars' worth of biofuel credits they could buy to help meet their obligation.
Wave of Climate Migration Looms, but It “Doesn't Have to Be a Crisis
As the sea creeps steadily inland in countries such as Bangladesh, and as dwindling rains put already marginal farmland out of play in Ethiopia and other places, a wave of migration triggered by a changing climate is taking shape on the horizon.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch counts 1.8 trillion pieces of trash, mostly plastic
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is getting greater. Twice the size of Texas, the floating mass of about 79,000 metric tons of plastic is up to 16 times larger than previously thought, according to scientists who performed an aerial survey.
CHEVRON WOULD LIKE you to know that it believes in climate change. It also believes people cause it by burning carbon-based fuel—the kind Chevron extracts from the ground, refines, and sells. In fact, Chevron believes all this so hard that today its lawyer said so, in a federal court in San Francisco. Intergovernmental
California water district rejects Cadiz Inc.'s proposed Mojave Desert water project
A company’s controversial plan to sell groundwater from the Mojave Desert ran into new opposition as a Southern California water district voted against the proposal.
2018 Sustainable Quality Award (SQA) Winners Announced For Achievements Incorporating Sustainable Practices Into Business
Celebrating its 23rd year, the Sustainable Quality Awards recognize local businesses that demonstrate excellence in helping Santa Monica continue to move toward a more sustainable future.
The life he lived: Photos of the last male northern white rhino
Sudan, a northern white rhino and the last male of his subspecies, died Monday at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.
When California needs to flush its stormwater out to sea — and when it doesn't
As the March rains loosen more Southern California mud and fill more Northern California reservoirs, the state still flirts with drought and we still run short of water.