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Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local
SEATTLE — The cultivated rusticity of a farmers’ market, where dirt-dusted beets are status symbols and earnest entrepreneurs preside over chunks of cheese, is a part of weekend life in cities across the nation as the high days of the summer harvest approach.
This Summer, Electric Cars Are Merging Into California’s Traffic
IT doesn’t sound as sexy as the 1967 Summer of Love, but for Californians with a passion for plug-ins, the warm months of 2012 are turning into the season of the electric car.
Making climate change one’s business
BUSINESS academics should play an important role in the debate about climate change. They are well positioned to join forces with atmospheric scientists, engineers and materials specialists at their universities to produce multi-disciplinary suggestions as to what the world should do. Can geoengineering efforts be tried on
We Have Met the Solution and It Is Us
IT would be easy to conclude that the Rio+20 Earth Summit was a failure. That would be wrong. Our planet is getting hotter and more crowded with every passing day. Addressing its most serious problems is more urgent than ever. Read more: here
Progress on the Sidelines as Rio Conference Ends
RIO DE JANEIRO — Burdened by low expectations, snarled by endless traffic congestion and shunned by President Obama, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ended here as it began, under a shroud of withering criticism. Read more: here
Global Warming: The Vanishing North
NOW that summer is here, the Arctic is crowded with life. Phytoplankton are blooming in its chilly seas. Fish, birds and whales are gorging on them. Millions of migratory geese are in their northern breeding grounds. And the area is teeming with scientists, performing a new Arctic ritual. Between now and early September,
Solar Boom Heads to Japan Creating $9.6 Billion Market: Energy
Japan is poised to overtake Germany and Italy to become the world’s second-biggest market for solar power as incentives starting July 1 drive sales for equipment makers from Yingli Green Energy Holdings Co. to Kyocera Corp. (6971) Read more: here
Energy Etch A Sketch
As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney endorsed an aggressive program to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, pushed to close old coal-fired power plants and embraced wind and solar power. Then came his bids for the Republican presidential nomination, first in 2008 and now in 2012. On climate change as on
Let's Close the Information Gap About Fracking
  The oil and gas industry wants to withhold information even from regulators about the exact formulation of the fluids injected into the ground during fracking, calling them trade secrets. By Michael Hiltzik
The Word From Colbert to North Carolina: Sink or Swim
In a segment on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" this week, comedian Stephen Colbert ripped into a proposed North Carolina law that would mandate that state policymakers only consider historical rates of sea level rise when planning for future increases in sea level.