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Bloomberg Backs ‘Responsible’ Extraction of Gas and Pays to Help Set Up Rules
After giving away a chunk of his personal fortune to the cause of eliminating coal-fired power plants, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is opening his checkbook in support of “responsible” extraction of natural gas by hydraulic fracturing.
Five things to know about Mitt Romney’s energy plan
On Thursday in New Mexico, Mitt Romney is unveiling his latest energy plan. It’s easy enough to summarize: He wants North America to achieve energy independence by 2020. “North America is the fastest-growing oil and gas producing region in the world,” the plan notes. And Romney wants it to grow even faster.
Romney energy plan: More drilling, fewer rules. What could go wrong?
Imagine a world where the U.S. can produce most of its own energy and no longer rely on the Middle East and elsewhere for oil. You may say Mitt Romney is a dreamer, but he hopes he's not the only one. The Republican presidential candidate has unveiled a plan that he says will bring about energy independence by 2020. You
Drought Disrupts Everyday Tasks In Rural Midwest
WILDWOOD, Mo. — The wells supplying people’s homes are running dry here at the heart of the nation’s drought, which the government announced on Thursday has spread to 63.2 percent of the country, centered in the parched earth of the southern Midwest. For some residents outside municipal water districts, it has become a
Crude, Dirty and Dangerous
EVERY day more than one million barrels of oil flow to refineries in the United States from western Canada’s oil sands region. Producers hope to quadruple that amount in the next decade, arguing that oil from a friendly neighbor will deliver an extra degree of national security.
Don't Waste the Drought
WE’RE in the worst drought in the United States since the 1950s, and we’re wasting it.  Though the drought has devastated corn crops and disrupted commerce on the Mississippi River, it also represents an opportunity to tackle long-ignored water problems and to reimagine how we manage, use and even think about water.
Big agriculture pumps $10 million into anti-GMO-labeling campaign
Major bio-tech companies and manufacturers of household food products, including Campbell Soup, General Mills and Coca-Cola, have pumped almost $10 million into the campaign to defeat Proposition 37, the November statewide ballot initiative to require labels for genetically engineered crops and processed food products.
Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought
By many measurements, this summer’s drought is one for the record books. But so was last year’s drought in the South Central states. And it has been only a decade since an extreme five-year drought hit the American West. Widespread annual droughts, once a rare calamity, have become more frequent and are set to become the “
The Search for Energy Takes a Turn Underwater
The fearsome tides that sweep out from the easternmost shores of the United States have for more than 80 years teased engineers and presidents like Franklin D. Roosevelt, who have dreamed of harnessing their force to make electricity.
Hottest Month On Record: July 2012
July 2012 was officially not only the warmest July on record, but also the warmest month ever recorded for the lower 48 states, according to a report released Wednesday by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center.