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Solar Boom Heads to Japan Creating $9.6 Billion Market: Energy
Japan is poised to overtake Germany and Italy to become the world’s second-biggest market for solar power as incentives starting July 1 drive sales for equipment makers from Yingli Green Energy Holdings Co. to Kyocera Corp. (6971) Read more: here
Energy Etch A Sketch
As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney endorsed an aggressive program to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, pushed to close old coal-fired power plants and embraced wind and solar power. Then came his bids for the Republican presidential nomination, first in 2008 and now in 2012. On climate change as on
Let's Close the Information Gap About Fracking
  The oil and gas industry wants to withhold information even from regulators about the exact formulation of the fluids injected into the ground during fracking, calling them trade secrets. By Michael Hiltzik
The Word From Colbert to North Carolina: Sink or Swim
In a segment on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" this week, comedian Stephen Colbert ripped into a proposed North Carolina law that would mandate that state policymakers only consider historical rates of sea level rise when planning for future increases in sea level.
Keystone XL's foes plan online blackout to protest Canada bill
Opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline say a Canadian bill would gut environmental laws and curb activist groups. Their websites will go dark in protest.
Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food
GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — On a recent sunny morning at the Big Y grocery here, Cynthia LaPier parked her cart in the cereal aisle. With a glance over her shoulder and a quick check of the ingredients, she plastered several boxes with hand-designed stickers from a roll in her purse. “Warning,” they read.
Rethinking Our Cities in the Rebuild Era
By David Lepeska The Atlantic Cities is exploring America's rebuilding efforts in a four-part series. This is the third installment. Don't miss parts one and two.
Company wants to tap Mojave's public lands for Southland water
Cadiz Inc. could realize $1 billion to $2 billion in revenue over the plan's 50-year life. Opponents say public resources are being used for private profit.
North Dakota: riding the oil rush
Oil has brought money and jobs to this sparsely populated region – but residents fear a ban on fracking will stop the boom
'We have seen the enemy': Bangladesh's war against climate change
Devastating cyclones, floods and ruined crops have made Bangladesh 'the world's most aware society on climate change'John Vidal in, Wednesday 9 May 2012 08.17 EDT