Noteworthy News

What is the 'Monsanto Protection Act'?
Anger over the "Monsanto Protection Act" is growing like an herbicide-resistant weed, fueled by news the rider was anonymously added to a U.S. budget bill in an apparent favor to biotech firms. 
In Sign of Global Warming, 1,600 Years of Ice in Peru’s Andes Melted in 25 Years
Glacial ice in the Peruvian Andes that took at least 1,600 years to form has melted in just 25 years, scientists reported Thursday, the latest indication that the recent spike in global temperatures has thrown the natural world out of balance.
Tar-sands oil spills in Arkansas and Minnesota
As the Obama administration mulls approval of the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry tar-sands oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries, the heavy toxic gunk is already spilling out over America.
Climate Maverick to Quit NASA
James E. Hansen, the climate scientist who issued the clearest warning of the 20th century about the dangers of global warming, will retire from NASA this week, giving himself more freedom to pursue political and legal efforts to limit greenhouse gases.
Canada’s Latest Climate Change
Just days after World Water Day, the Canadian government quietly acknowledged last week that it had dropped out of the United Nations anti-drought convention. 
New Mexico Farmers Seek ‘Priority Call’ as Drought Persists
Amid the worst drought on record, the anger of southeastern New Mexico’s farmers and ranchers is boiling.
19-year-old Dutch engineering student Boyan Slat devises plan to rid the world’s oceans of 7.25 million tons of plastic
Sometimes it takes big ideas to solve big problems.
Green jobs grow four times faster than others
Clean-energy jobs make up a small part of U.S. employment, but a new federal report shows they are growing much faster than other work, even healthcare.
The Noisy Fight Over Quiet Electric Cars
One of the great benefits of electric cars is their silent operation. But that's also a safety problem, say blind activists and the federal government. 
Our Carbon, Our Climate, Our Cash
We all buy stuff that generates carbon dioxide emissions and threatens the stability of our climate.