Noteworthy News

New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs
People sometimes have trouble making small sacrifices now that will reward them handsomely later. 
Life After Oil and Gas
We will need fossil fuels like oil and gas for the foreseeable future. So there’s really little choice (sigh). We have to press ahead with fracking for natural gas. We must approve the Keystone XL pipeline to get Canadian oil. This mantra, repeated on TV ads and in political debates, is punctuated with a tinge of
As Pollution Worsens in China, Solutions Succumb to Infighting
China’s state leadership transition has taken place this month against an ominous backdrop. 
A Model for Reducing Emissions
Who would have thought the United States would one day be a leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions?
L.A. moves to eliminate reliance on coal-powered energy
Los Angeles officials are speeding up plans to end the city's reliance on coal-powered energy, a move that could help Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's drive to burnish his legacy as an environmental leader.
Environmental Woes Could Reverse Global Development
Climate change and other environmental disasters could put 3.1 billion people into extreme poverty by 2050, if no significant steps are taken, says an annual United Nations report on the state of global development.
Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world
People in the rich world should become "demitarians" – eating half as much meat as usual, while stopping short of giving it up – in order to avoid severe environmental damage, scientists have urged, in the clearest picture yet of how farming practices are destroying the natural world.
Would You Cut Down on Meat to Help the Environment?
The phrase “I could eat a horse” has acquired a new meaning in Europe, where horse DNA has been found in products labeled as beef on supermarket shelves.
Beyond 7 Billion
After remaining stable for most of human history, the world's population has exploded over the last two centuries. 
New Book Tackles China and its Environmental Exports
The rapid degradation of the environment in China has become a central topic of discussion this year.