Noteworthy News

Be Patriotic: Go Beefless on July 4th
The Washington Post published a provocative essay on Sunday that makes the case that hamburgers are the least patriotic food you could eat on the Fourth of July.
Daily Report: G.M.-Honda Partnership Aims for Fuel Cell by End of Decade
General Motors and Honda will develop and share a hydrogen fuel cell for vehicles they would produce around the end of the decade, the automakers announced on Tuesday, Lindsay Brooke reports in The New York Times.
The Amazing Energy Race
The United States is falling behind. To catch up, we need to reorder our priorities, find cleaner and smarter fuels and develop new technologies.
Invest, Divest and Prosper
It has been a busy news week, what with voting rights, gay marriage and Paula Deen. Even so, it’s remarkable how little attention the news media gave to President Obama’s new “climate action plan.”
Obama Outlines Ambitious Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases
President Obama, declaring that “Americans across the country are already paying the price of inaction,” announced sweeping measures on Tuesday to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare the nation for a future of rising temperatures.
Fracking can increase methane in drinking water, study finds
Scientists have found that methane and other gases pose a significant risk of contaminating drinking-water wells near natural gas drilling, raising new questions about possible health and safety risks from the production technique known as fracking.
Kerry Prods India to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Secretary of State John Kerry urged India on Sunday to begin to address climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases even as it attempts to bring electricity to tens of millions of its citizens now living without it.
Tax Programs to Finance Clean Energy Catch On
Over the years, as Rick Murphy helped expand his family’s auto business in Edina, Minn., outside Minneapolis, he wanted to install solar panels to cut the electricity bills, but the upfront cost was too high.
Plug is pulled on electric car booster's meeting with Obama
Paul Scott, who sits on the advisory board for Sustainable Works, got an invitation to a DNC fundraiser in Santa Monica and hoped to tell the president about the merits of electric cars. But the invitation was rescinded and his large donation returned.
Tesla's 90 second battery swaps will power EVs faster than gas pumps fill tanks
Tesla founder Elon Musk has mentioned battery swap service stations as an even faster alternative to charging for EV drivers, and tonight the company showed just how efficiently it can be done.