Noteworthy News

Large Companies Prepared to Pay Price on Carbon
More than two dozen of the nation’s biggest corporations, including the five major oil companies, are planning their future growth on the expectation that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution as a way to control global warming.
Oil Company Caught Illegally Dumping Fracking Discharge In Central Valley
For the first time, California has penalized an oil company over illegal fracking activity after the discovery of a video showing wrongful dumping of the fracking discharge.
Climate Change's Biggest Threats Are Those We Aren't Ready For: Report
Climatic changes -- and the results of those changes -- could occur within decades or even sooner, and they are becoming a greater concern for scientists, according to a new paper from the National Academy of Sciences.
Urban Schools Aim for Environmental Revolution
Nothing seemed special about the plates from which students at a handful of Miami schools devoured their meals for a few weeks last spring — round, rigid and colorless, with four compartments for food and a fifth in the center for a carton of milk.
Short on Space, Taiwan Embraces a Boom in Recycling
Twenty-five miles west of here on Taiwan’s rugged northwest coast, a cavernous warehouse under construction represents the new priorities for an island where the streets were once littered with piles of discarded electronics and other refuse.
Kiribati faces its future, and a rising ocean
Recently, a curious case appeared before New Zealand's High Court. The plaintiff, Ioane Teitiota, a resident of the island-nation of Kiribati, was seeking refugee status in New Zealand.
Unavoidable Answer for the Problem of Climate Change
Japan’s announcement last week that it would not meet its promise to sharply reduce its carbon emissions met a chorus of disapproval from around the world.
Fracking’s Achilles’ Heel
It’s not very often that someone starts his career as a geologist and then winds up as governor, but John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado, can make that claim.
Slowdown in Carbon Emissions Worldwide, but Coal Burning Continues to Grow
Global emissions of carbon dioxide are slowing somewhat from the rapid pace of the last decade, new figures show, but growth in coal burning continues to outstrip the growth in other forms of energy, and experts said the world remains far from meeting international goals on climate change.
Colorado Governor Proposes Strict Limits on Greenhouse Gas Leaks From Drilling
Gov. John W. Hickenlooper of Colorado proposed on Monday tough new limits on leaks of methane and other gases from well sites and storage tanks.