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Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide
WORCESTER, England — Britons may remember 2012 as the year the weather spun off its rails in a chaotic concoction of drought, deluge and flooding, but the unpredictability of it all turns out to have been all too predictable: Around the world, extreme has become the new commonplace.
2012 Hottest Year On Record For Lower 48 States, NOAA Confirms
It’s official: 2012 was the warmest year on record in the lower 48 states, as the country experienced blistering spring and summer heat, tinderbox fire weather conditions amid a widespread drought, and one of the worst storms to ever strike the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.
Climate change won't wait
Obama appears unwilling or unable to take the tough steps to deal with global warming. In Washington over Presidents Day weekend, the largest environmental demonstration in years will try to prod him.
Small-scale solar's big potential goes untapped
Modest-size projects can produce electricity at a lower cost to consumers and the environment, but financing goes to big plants.
Pot farms wreaking havoc on Northern California environment
Burgeoning marijuana growing operations are sucking millions of gallons of water from coho salmon lifelines and taking other environmental tolls, scientists say.
California issues proposed rules for 'fracking'
California Gov. Jerry Brown's administration proposes rules that would require more disclosure from oil companies in the state that employ hydraulic fracturing, also known as 'fracking.'
Rain gardens capture water before it becomes urban runoff
The shallow depressions are surrounded by dirt berms and planted with climate-appropriate flowering plants. More than 185 of the gardens have been installed in northeast San Fernando Valley yards.Watching water stream under parked cars and through the gutters every time it rained made Alice Abler cringe.
E.P.A. Sets a Lower Limit for Soot Particles in the Air
WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency announced a new standard for soot pollution on Friday that will force industry, utilities and local governments to find ways to reduce emissions of particles that are linked to thousands of cases of disease and death each year.
In Doha, Philippines Negotiator Delivers Emotional Plea For Climate Change Action
This kind of thing rarely happens. But today during the United Nation's COP 18 climate change conference in Doha, the lead negotiator for the Philippines broke down.
Keystone's 'dilbit' problem
"Dilbit" — drop the word in casual conversation and listeners might think you're talking about the comic strip engineer who can't get a date. But dilbit actually stands for "diluted bitumen," a heretofore obscure oil industry term that may soon be trending on your search engine as controversy deepens over the Keystone XL