Noteworthy News

Environmental Questions Take Back Seat at Hearing for E.P.A. Nominee
Most of the biggest challenges facing the Environmental Protection Agency — climate change, major new regulations on power plant emissions, biofuels production and enforcement of clean air and water laws — were virtually absent from Thursday’s confirmation hearing for President Obama’s nominee to head the agency, Gina
The Fossil Fuel Resistance
It got so hot in Australia in January that the weather service had to add two new colors to its charts. 
Santa Monica Sustainability Bill of Rights Becomes the Law
Last evening, on April 9, 2013, our Santa Monica City Council voted for final passage of our Sustainability Bill of Rights Ordinance: 7 - 0!
Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms
For America’s beekeepers, who have struggled for nearly a decade with a mysterious malady called colony collapse disorder that kills honeybees en masse, the last year was particularly bad.
Keystone XL: The pipeline to disaster
In March, the State Department gave the president cover to open a big spigot that will hitch our country to one of the dirtiest fuels on Earth for 40 years or more. 
Groups seek probe into low-grade crude shipments to L.A. refineries
A coalition of environmental groups says it has discovered that large-scale shipments of low-quality heavy crude oil from Canada's tar sands are being delivered by rail for processing by Southern California refineries.
What is the 'Monsanto Protection Act'?
Anger over the "Monsanto Protection Act" is growing like an herbicide-resistant weed, fueled by news the rider was anonymously added to a U.S. budget bill in an apparent favor to biotech firms. 
In Sign of Global Warming, 1,600 Years of Ice in Peru’s Andes Melted in 25 Years
Glacial ice in the Peruvian Andes that took at least 1,600 years to form has melted in just 25 years, scientists reported Thursday, the latest indication that the recent spike in global temperatures has thrown the natural world out of balance.
Tar-sands oil spills in Arkansas and Minnesota
As the Obama administration mulls approval of the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry tar-sands oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries, the heavy toxic gunk is already spilling out over America.
Climate Maverick to Quit NASA
James E. Hansen, the climate scientist who issued the clearest warning of the 20th century about the dangers of global warming, will retire from NASA this week, giving himself more freedom to pursue political and legal efforts to limit greenhouse gases.