Noteworthy News

Freezing Out the Bigger Picture
At the exact moment President Obama was declaring last month that “climate change is a fact,” thousands of drivers in Atlanta were trapped in a grueling winter ordeal, trying to get home on roads that had turned into ribbons of ice.
Whose Garbage Is This Anyway?
It was not your usual Holy Land tour, but surely one of the most revealing I’ve ever had. A team from Friends of the Earth Middle East took me around to see how waste, sewage and untreated water flow, or don’t, between Israel and the West Bank.
Firm seeks to harness Wyoming's wind energy for California
A relentless wind howls day after day across this high desert, pouring through a low gap on the Continental Divide.
Politics cloud water debate
There are two possible policy outcomes to a severe drought like the one California is experiencing now.
E.P.A. Staff Struggling to Create Pollution Rule
In marathon meetings and tense all-day drafting sessions, dozens of lawyers, economists and engineers at the Environmental Protection Agency are struggling to create what is certain to be a divisive but potentially historic centerpiece of President Obama’s climate change legacy.
Drought leaves dark cloud over California ranchers, growers
Beneath unyielding blue skies on a recent afternoon, Ryan Indart knelt down to examine what was left of one of his sheep pastures.
Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst
The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state’s drinking water supply.
California drought prompts first-ever 'zero water allocation'
Officials Friday said that for the first time ever, the State Water Project that helps supply a majority of Californians may be unable to make any deliveries except to maintain public health and safety.
Its Great Lake Shriveled, Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply
After driving for 15 minutes over the bottom of what was once Iran’s largest lake, a local environmental official stepped out of his truck, pushed his hands deep into his pockets and silently wandered into the great dry plain, as if searching for water he knew he would never find.
Industry in North Dakota to Cut Flared Natural Gas
Faced with growing criticism and lawsuits, an oil industry task force representing hundreds of companies in North Dakota pledged on Wednesday to make an all-out effort to capture almost all the natural gas that is being flared in the Bakken shale oil field by the end of the decade.