Noteworthy News

Judge Strikes Down Law Allowing Keystone XL Pipeline To Run Through Nebraska
A Nebraska judge on Wednesday struck down a law that allowed the Keystone XL pipeline to proceed through the state, a victory for opponents who have tried to block the project that would carry oil from Canada to Texas refineries.
German Village Resists Plans to Strip It Away for the Coal Underneath
A grove of apple saplings grows on the lee side of Ulrich Schulz’s barn. He did not plant them for the fruit, he said, but as an act of rebellion against a nearby mining company that wants to raze his farm, which his family has owned since 1560, to get at the coal beneath his land.
Obama Orders New Efficiency for Big Trucks
President Obama on Tuesday ordered the development of tough new fuel standards for the nation’s fleet of heavy-duty trucks as part of what aides say will be an increasingly muscular and unilateral campaign to tackle climate change through the use of the president’s executive power.
Financier Plans Big Ad Campaign on Climate Change
A billionaire retired investor is forging plans to spend as much as $100 million during the 2014 election, seeking to pressure federal and state officials to enact climate change measures through a hard-edge campaign of attack ads against governors and lawmakers.
Paramount residents not alone in pollution fight
Soon after starting work at Lincoln Elementary in Paramount nearly five years ago, second-grade teacher Lisa Lappin became alarmed by the number of teachers and students sick from cancer and other illnesses.
Obama Announces Aid for Drought-Stricken California
President Obama arrived in the heart of California’s parched farmland on Friday afternoon to offer tens of millions of dollars in federal assistance to the state, where the lack of rain and snow this winter has led to the severest drought in its modern history.
Study Finds Methane Leaks Negate Benefits of Natural Gas as a Fuel for Vehicles
The sign is ubiquitous on city buses around the country: “This bus runs on clean burning natural gas.”
California Seeing Brown Where Green Used to Be
Fields that in any other year would be filled with broccoli, melons and onions are instead dusty patches of dirt. Farmers are calculating losses that add up with each arid day.
Planet-warming methane leaking at higher rate, study finds
Federal regulators are missing about 14 million metric tons of greenhouse gas in their annual inventory, most of which likely comes from the nation's growing natural gas industry, according to a new study.
The Dust Bowl Returns
Every Saturday in late December and January, as reports of brutal temperatures and historic snowfalls streamed in from family in Vermont, New York and even southern Louisiana, we made weekly pilgrimages to our local beer garden to enjoy craft brews and unseasonably warm afternoons.