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They're Up All Night To Get Wonky: 30 Senators Hold Overnight Climate Session
Senators planning to stay up all night Monday talking about climate change say the marathon session is the "opening salvo" in a renewed effort to pass legislation curbing greenhouse gas emissions.
Meat Makes the Planet Thirsty
California is experiencing one of its worst droughts on record. Just two and a half years ago, Folsom Lake, a major reservoir outside Sacramento, was at 83 percent capacity. Today it’s down to 36 percent.
In Parched California, Town Taps Run Nearly Dry
People in this mountain town straddling the San Andreas Fault are used to scrapping for water. The lake for which it is named went dry 40 years ago.
The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics
Each night at dinnertime, a familiar ritual played out in Michael Green's home: He'd slide a stainless steel sippy cup across the table to his two-year-old daughter, Juliette, and she'd howl for the pink plastic one. Often, Green gave in. 
Study Finds Keystone XL Would Have Much Larger Impact Than State Department Suggests
The State Department's final environmental impact analysis for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline downplays the significance the pipeline would have for development of the Canadian tar sands, according to a new analysis from a United Kingdom-based group. 
Massive desert solar plant opens, already a threatened species
The day begins early at the Ivanpah solar power plant.
Obama’s Pipeline
When I was elected to Congress in 2002, George W. Bush was president and big business wrote environmental policy. 
Basking in a New Glow
If you haven’t noticed the virtual disappearance of old-school incandescent bulbs from retailers’ shelves, there’s good reason.
Obama to Propose Shift in Wildfire Funding
President Obama’s annual budget request to Congress will propose a significant change in how the government pays to fight wildfires, administration officials said, a move that they say reflects the ways in which climate change is increasing the risk for and cost of those fires.
Scientists urge California to boost target for cutting emissions
A group of California scientists Wednesday urged state lawmakers to adopt a steeper target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions after 2020.