Noteworthy News

Saving the Planet With Electric Cars Means Strangling This Desert
The oases that once interrupted the dusty slopes of the Atacama desert in northern Chile allowed humans and animals to survive for thousands of years in the world’s driest climate. That was before the mining started.
UK Unveils Plan To Become First G7 Country To Go Net Zero By 2050: ’Now Is The Time’
The United Kingdom could become the first major economy in the world to legally require itself to emit net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to a new plan unveiled Tuesday.
Here's one way to keep plastic out of the ocean ... turn it into a lifeguard tower
The lifeguard tower being built Saturday on Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach is not just another oceanfront lookout.
New York City Bills Would Set The Stage To Replace Rikers Island Jail With A Solar Farm
The New York City Council is preparing to consider a trio of bills that would set the stage to convert the infamously violent jail complex on Rikers Island into a solar farm and wastewater treatment facility.
A new strategy is saving endangered California sea turtles from deadly fishing nets
In Southern California the inherent tension between conservation and fisheries is evident in the trade-off between the need to protect endangered sea turtles from getting caught in fishing nets and the importance of commercial swordfish as a source of income and livelihood for California fishers.
White House rejects carmakers’ plea for a deal with California on emissions
The White House is moving forward with plans to significantly weaken vehicle pollution standards, rejecting a last-minute appeal to President Trump by some of the world’s largest car manufacturers to restart negotiations with California.
Southern California’s most toxic polluters will pay more under air board’s fee hike
Southern California air quality officials will dramatically raise fees on toxic polluters in an effort to make oil refineries, manufacturers and other industries pay a greater share of the cost of monitoring and regulating their most health-threatening emissions.
California has too much solar power. That might be good for ratepayers
California set two renewable energy records last week: the most solar power ever flowing on the state’s main electric grid, and the most solar power ever taken offline because it wasn’t needed.
Biden and Warren propose ambitious plans on climate change, reflecting Democratic urgency
If Joe Biden had been inclined to take a middle-of-the-road approach toward climate change, he’s abandoned it, judging by the proposal he unveiled Tuesday — an aggressive $1.7-trillion, 10-year plan to combat warming that goes considerably further than the environmental agenda of the Obama White House.
Fears Mount That Trump Will Green-Light Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon
In January 2018, the Interior Department published a “comprehensive list of accomplishments” under former Secretary Ryan Zinke. Among its thin list of conservation achievements, the agency claimed that it “successfully defended a mineral withdrawal near the Grand Canyon,” which, as HuffPost previously reported, was a suit