Hitting the beach should be cleaner this summer — as long as you avoid these sandy stretches

Some good news (and then some not so good news) for those hitting the beach this summer: A relatively dry year has meant much cleaner beaches — particularly in Southern California, according to Heal the Bay’s new Beach Report Card.

The annual survey of more than 450 beaches across the state, released Thursday, showed that about 95% of the region’s beaches logged top water-quality marks during the summer — a notable improvement from the prior year, when heavy winter rains poured billions of gallons of polluted runoff, containing trash, fertilizer, pet waste, metal and automotive fluids into storm drains and out to the ocean.

Still, the environmental group noted, there remain “stubborn pockets of chronic pollution” that plague several popular beaches and could get you sick. The state’s top 10 dirtiest beaches this year include three in Southern California.

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