Even without the Trump administration, the U.S. is upholding its commitment to the Paris climate agreement

Rampant wildfires in the West, record high temperatures in the Arctic Circle, severe hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific: Unless we reduce greenhouse gases now, these kinds of destructive “natural” disasters will only get worse.

It would be easy to be despondent about humanity’s chances for success. The Trump administration has announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, moved to weaken California's fuel-efficiency standards for automobiles, sought to repeal stricter limits on methane, and attempted to prop up coal-fired plants. But it's important to keep in mind: None of those attempts has yet succeeded.

The United States cannot legally withdraw from the Paris agreement until November 2020. California and other states have filed a lawsuit challenging the EPA's assault on fuel efficiency. States' attorneys general have also gone to court to uphold limits on methane leaks. And market forces continue to drive coal plants out of business because American consumers in red and blue states want cleaner and cheaper energy — and the private sector is delivering. The cost of renewable energy is now lower than coal in much of the country.

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