Cities, states and businesses want to cancel out Trump's climate rollbacks. But how much pollution can they actually cut?

Two years ago, California and the federal government were close partners in the battle against climate change.

Today, the state is at the center of a more fractured coalition.

With President Trump withdrawing from the international Paris climate agreement and scrapping Obama-era emissions rules, California has banded together with other left-leaning states, cities and green-minded businesses pledging to continue the fight to slow global warming, proclaiming, “We Are Still In.”

As that coalition of governors, mayors and corporate executives from across the globe gathers in San Francisco this week for a climate summit, Gov. Jerry Brown and other leaders are expected to make a flurry of announcements on renewable energy, electric vehicles, fossil fuel divestment and other steps to slash greenhouse gas emissions. They’ll try to demonstrate that local officials, state governments and large companies are capable of filling the void created by Trump.

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