By announcing California's first satellite launch, Gov. Jerry Brown ends climate summit with a cosmic boom

When Gov. Jerry Brown said California should launch its own satellite in the 1970s, the plan was considered so far-fetched that critics dubbed him Gov. Moonbeam.

But on Friday, Gov. Moonbeam struck back. Brown concluded his climate change summit promising the state would send its own satellite into orbit to track the formation of pollutants that cause climate change.

The announcement was the most audacious of dozens of pledges political and business leaders made at a conference that sent a clear signal: Either get on board with the fast-moving transition or get left behind.

“We’re under attack by a lot of people, including Donald Trump, but the climate threat still keeps growing,” Brown said as he capped off the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. “So we want to know what the hell’s going on, all over the world, all the time. So we’re going to launch our own satellite, our own damn satellite, to figure out where the pollution is and how are we going to end it.”

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