Noteworthy News

2 years after the gas leak above Porter Ranch, here’s what’s changed — and what hasn’t
Thousands fled their homes after a massive gas leak sprung at the Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, ultimately spewing more than 100,000 metric tons of climate-altering methane into the atmosphere.
No one seems to want to run Trump's EPA in Californi
Perhaps it is unsurprising that the White House still hasn't filled this job: San Francisco is not an inviting place for the Make America Great Again administration.
That Antarctic ozone hole the world thought it was fixing? There may be a glitch
This is a problem the world thought it had fixed.
The water runs milky and can feel like fire. In this impoverished county, Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan may not help
Across the steep hills and hollows of this remote Appalachian county, many do not trust what flows out of their faucets — if anything flows at all.
We Have Seen The Future Of Water, And It Is Cape Town
Cape Town is parched. Severe drought and high water use have collided in South Africa’s second largest city, and unless the drought breaks, residents may run out of water in the next few months when there simply isn’t enough water left to supply the drinking water taps.
Coastal Commission on Trump's offshore drilling plan: Ain't gonna happen
New offshore drilling in California is economically infeasible, legally questionable and politically a nonstarter, but if there's any doubt the state's coastal waters could still be opened up to oil and gas interests, the Coastal Commission this week flexed its own authority and said no way.
Number of solar jobs drops 14% in California and nearly 4% nationwide
After several years of growth, the number of jobs in the solar energy sector took a hit in 2017, with California absorbing the biggest blow.
Is anyone in charge at L.A. City Hall?
"You were had," said one angry taxpayer.
Emergency responders train to rescue sea lions, other wildlife caught in oil spills
A rescue team from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center reacted instantly when they found a sea lion covered in oil on a San Clemente beach in 2015.
California moves ahead with one delta tunnel, scaling back ambitious water delivery project
State officials Wednesday said they will press ahead with a smaller version of a long-planned water delivery project, initially building one, instead of two, massive tunnels in the heart of California's vast waterworks.