Noteworthy News

Can Meat Actually Save The Planet?
Meat has had a rough few years. Since a shocking 2006 report found that livestock are a major contributor to climate change, there has been a nationwide ― if not global ― movement to eat less meat.
Unhealthy Air Days In Major U.S. Cities Rose Over Past 2 Years: EPA
The number of unhealthy air days in major cities across the United States has risen sharply over the last two years, even as emissions of key pollutants continue to slip, according to data released by theEnvironmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.
New oil drilling in Carrizo Plain blocked because of climate change — at least for now
Plans to drill a new oil well in the Carizzo Plain National Monument for the first time since the monument was established in 2001 have been halted — a victory for conservation groups that won an administrative appeal.
Berkeley first city in California to ban natural gas in new buildings
The city of Berkeley will no longer allow natural gas pipes in many new buildings starting Jan. 1, 2020. It’s the first city in California to pass such a law, officials said.
Boyle Heights roadside is cleaner after teen adopts a highway
Seventeen-year-old Jimmy Rodriguez wanted to give back to his community. So, he decided to volunteer to clean a freeway roadside near his home-- becoming the youngest person in the Los Angeles area to participate in Caltrans' Adopt-A-Highway program.
Los Angeles is finally ditching coal — and replacing it with another polluting fuel
The smokestack at Intermountain Power Plant looms mightily over rural Utah, belching steam and pollution across a landscape of alfalfa fields and desert shrub near the banks of the Sevier River.
Heat waves likely to become longer, more intense — even in Bay Area, study shows
Summers in San Francisco may soon feel more like the warmer East Bay. The East Bay may soon feel more like Sacramento. And Sacramento — well, it might just be too hot to stick around any longer.
More Than 10,000 Wild Animals Seized In Massive Interpol Anti-Smuggling Operation
More than 10,000 wild animals and their parts were seized in Operation Thunderball, a massive anti-smuggling campaign coordinated by two of the world’s largest enforcement agencies.
There’s An Environmental Disaster Unfolding In The Gulf of Mexico
As fishermen deep in the Louisiana bayou, Kindra Arnesen and her family have faced their share of life-altering challenges in recent years.
DOE Was Shipping Potentially Dangerous Nuclear Waste To Nevada Site For Years
The U.S. Department of Energy shipped potentially dangerous nuclear material incorrectly labeled as low-level radioactive waste into Nevada for several years, the state’s governor announced.