Climate Warriors Film Screening Photos

Thank you for attending the Environmental Documentary Screening of Climate Warriors on December 12th!

CLIMATE WARRIORS is a unique cinematic documentary that motivates everybody to become part of the climate warrior movement.

As a passionate fighter for climate transition, Carl-A. Fechner is connecting people from diverse backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic.

The climate warriors are victims of pollution, kid-activists and advocates from different backgrounds wanting to protect the planet. Wars are fought over fossil fuels. With this film, Carl-A shows how human rights can be kept in balance in favor of peace. Activists raise their voices in resistance to lobbyists and inhumane social realities, offering solutions with cutting edge technologies and inspiring activism.

We had a great panel discussion moderated by Bronwyn Major, Community Organizer, Surfer, Activist and panelists Kevin McKeown, City of Santa Monica Councilmember, Andrea Ostenso, Sustainable Cities Associate at Global Green USA and Nalleli Cobo, Founding Member, South Los Angeles Youth Leadership Coalition and Member, STAND LA

Click here for panelist's full bios.

Here are the some action items we encourage you to take. You don't have to do it all, you just have to do something.

Action Items:

1. Choosing 100% renewable energy
2. Switch all bulbs to more energy efficient LEDs
3. When possible walk or ride a bike
4. Carpool and use public transportation
5. Eat locally-produced and organic food
6. Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy
7. Reduce the amount of products you consume
8. Write a letter encouraging congress to act on Climate Change
9. Connect with organizations that are working on Climate Change
     Climate Action Santa Monica
     Climate Reality Project       
     Citizen's Climate Lobby
     Environmental Defense Fund
     Sierra Club
Please make a commitment to do something and share it with us; Post on Sustainable Works Facebook Wall, Tweet with our handle @sustainablework, connect at #sustainablesm or send us an email

Event Photos

(Photos courtesy of Maiken Pickton)


Thanks to Optima Energy for donating bags and LED bulbs to all attendees




Thanks to our Samohi volunteers who helped out with the event





          A lot of networking and photo opps before the screening


Thanks to Climate Reality Project for educationg attendees on how they can get active and be part of the solution




Attendees wait patiently for the film to start



Thank you to our amazing panelists Lto R: Moderator Bronwyn Major, Nalleli Cobo, Andrea Ostenso and SM City Council member Kevin McKeown