Chasing Coral Screening Photos and Action Items

Thank you for attending the Environmental Documentary Screening of Chasing Coral on September 27th!

We had an amazing panel discussion and many solutions were given. As always, our goal is to educate but just as important is to follow that education up with action. Here are the action items we offered at the film screening. Please make a commitment to do something and share it with us; Post on Sustainable Works Facebook Wall, Tweet with our handle @sustainablework, connect at #sustainablesm or send us an email

Take Action

1. Commit to learning more about the City of SM’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan and taking action.
2. Volunteer for and/or donate to local organizations that are working on climate change issues: Sustainable Works, LA Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, SM Bay Foundation, Climate Action SM, South Bay, Climate Cents and Citizen’s Climate Lobby.
3. Help preserve & expand kelp forests in the Santa Monica Bay. Click here to make a donation.

Attendees receiving their reusable straws to help mitigate plastic waste.

Panelists Tom Ford and Zack Rago chat with attendees during the event.

Thanks to our wonderful panelists Joel Cesare, Zack Rago, Garen Baghdasarian, and Tom Ford for educating, inspiring, and adovocating. 

Nick Karno helping to raise awareness and money to expand kelp forests in Santa Monica.

Attendees show their commitments to sustainable behaviors.

Thanks to the Sustainable Works team for their hard work and commitment to helping the planet!