2016 Poster Contest Awards Ceremony & Celebration

Congratulations to the 2016 Sustainable Santa Monica Student Poster Contest Winners and Participants!

K-2nd:Tyson Clark, Pilar Bricke, Zoey Jaffa & Marie Zucco-Reynolds 3rd-5th: Mira Wali, Hana Schmidt, Charlie Snyder and Olivia Israel 6th-8th: Tim Boboshin, Nathalie Franklin, Stephanie Sakamoto & Phoenix Plischke 9th-12th: Alisa Boardman, Anya Pertel, Jingwen Ni & Ella Williams


Students and families sign in an receive free gifts


Sustainable Works staff Susy Borlido & Tamsyn Hunnewell along with Sebastian at the SW table.


Local Business "Ten Women on Montana" shares it wares.


Delicious Marmalade pizzas are served.




Attendees admire the winning posters.


Winners Zoey and Marie pose with their first grade teacher Rebecca Urias from Will Rogers Learning Community.



Winners Phoenix and Anya enjoy the event with friends and family.



Attendees check out poster books and additional submissions.



Enjoying the Annenberg Community Beach House bean bag chairs!


The awards ceremony begins.


Mayor Tony Vazquez asks the students why buying local matters.


Buy Local Santa Monica Committee Chair, Jennifer Taylor, talks to the attendees about the importance of buying local.


Office of Sustainability & the Environment Manager, Dean Kubani, tells the audience why he loves the Sustainable SM Student Poster Contest.


K-2nd Grade Winners:

L to R: Marie Zucco-Reynolds, Zoey Jaffa, Pilar Bricke & Tyson Clark


Winners receive their awards and pose with Dean, Mayor Vazquez, and Treats owners Amy Salko-Robertson and John Roberston:

Grand Prize Winner Tyson Clark


2nd Place Winner Pilar Bricke


3rd Place Winner Zoey Jaffa


Honorable Mention Winner Marie Zucco-Reynolds 


3rd-5th Grade Winners:

L to R: Olivia Israel, Charlie Snyder, Hana Schmidt & Mira Wali


Winners receive their awards and pose with Dean, Mayor Vazquez and Anthony Schmitt Designs owner Anthony Schmitt:

Grand Prize Winner Mira Wali


2nd Place Winner Hana Schmidt


3rd Place Winner Charlie Snyder


Honorable Mention Winner Olivia Israel


6th-8th Grade Winners:

L to R: Phoenix Plischke, Stephanie Sakamoto & Tim Boboshin


Winners receive their awards and pose with Dean, Mayor Vazquez and Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Rob Schwenker:

Grand Prize Winner Tim Boboshin


2nd Place Winner Nathalie Franklin


3rd Place Winner Stephanie Sakamoto


Honorable Mention Winner Phoenix Plischke


9th-12th Grade Winners:

L to R: Ella Williams, Alisa Boardman, Anya Pertel & Jingwen Ni


Winners receive their awards and pose with Dean, Mayor Vazquez and Beautify Earth Founder and Executive Director Evan Meyer:

Grand Prize Winner Alisa Boardman


2nd Place Winner Anya Pertel


3rd Place Winner Jingwen Ni


Honorable Mention Winner Ella Williams


In the end, it's all about "My Favorite Santa Monica Business"!