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Trump fuel economy rollback is based on misleading and shoddy calculations, study finds
The Trump administration’s proposal to roll back fuel economy standards relies on an error-ridden and misleading analysis that overestimates the costs and understates the benefits of tighter regulation, an independent study by leading economists, engineers and other experts has found.
EPA Moves To Roll Back Coal Plant Rule In A Stunning Rebuke Of Global Climate Talks
The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed gutting an Obama-era rule requiring coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, defying increasingly desperate international negotiations to scale down planet-warming gases.
Global carbon emissions reach a new record high in 2018
Global emissions of carbon dioxide have reached the highest levels on record, scientists projected Wednesday, in the latest evidence of the chasm between international goals for combating climate change and what countries are actually doing.
L.A. plans to make plastic straws available only on request
The city and county of Los Angeles both took steps Tuesday to limit the availability of single-use plastic straws in restaurants, joining the state and a slew of smaller cities that have approved similar restrictions.
West Coast fishermen are suing oil companies for climate change damages
Fishermen are still waiting for permission to catch Dungeness crabs off California’s northernmost coast this season — and they want oil companies to pay for the delay.
A suffocating brown haze hangs over Mexicali.
Coal Consumption In The U.S. Falls To Lowest Level Since 1979
Americans are consuming less coal in 2018 than at any time since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, a federal report said Tuesday, as cheap natural gas and other rival sources of energy frustrate the Trump administration’s pledges to revive the U.S. coal industry.


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